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6 Best Free VPN for PUBG Mobile in 2022

Are you in search of the Best Free VPN for PUBG Mobile? If you’re new to gaming or just want a refresher, VPNs are one of the best ways to protect your identity and stop other players from tracking your every move.

We’ve researched and gathered a list of the six best free VPNs for PUBG Mobile.

List of Best Free VPN for PUBG

Here are the 6 best free VPN for PUBG:

  1. Proton VPN
  2. Hotspot Shield VPN
  3. Windscribe VPN
  4. Speedify VPN
  5. TunnelBear VPN
  6. VPN

The above VPN may not provide the best experience. However, after thorough research, these are my recommendations for the best free VPNs for PUBG list, ranked by speed, ease of use, and security features.

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Let’s go ahead and see all the features these VPN apps have to offer.

1. ProtonVPN


proton vpn for pubg

After trying a slew of free services, when we came across ProtonVPN, we discovered that none of the other services can compete with the Swiss provider’s user experience and functionality.

ProtonVPN’s free service is just one of those free VPN services that provide unlimited service, free of cost. ProtonVPN provides limitless data and bandwidth, allowing you to play whenever and for as long as you want. This is the only free VPN app you can activate and forget without having to worry over how much data you’re consuming.

For a free service, ProtonVPN’s security features are especially outstanding. Military-grade encryption, an automated kill switch, and DNS leak prevention still secure you as a free user.

However, there are certain limits. After all, the VPN Server expects you to pay at some point. At busy times, speeds will drop as paying customers have priority over bandwidth, you’ll only be able to use one device at a time. Also, you won’t get P2P or Secure Core support, and you’ll only have access to three locations to play with.

You may have to live with compromises, but the VPN Server’s no-logging policy and its outstanding unlimited bandwidth package and compatibility for a broad range of devices make it top the competition for free VPNs. Therefore, we highly recommend it.


  • Zero leaks and log
  • Satisfactory speed
  • Protected core servers
  • Reliable encryption and protocols
  • Available in 41 countries


  • P2P availability is limited.
  • Configuration can be complex.
  • Servers in the Asian region are limited.

2. Hotspot Shield VPN


hotspot shield free vpn

Hotspot Shield provides a free service besides its paid version. The provider’s paid VPN service has proven to be one of the finest, so it should reflect the fact that the free VPN Server is also excellent.

With fast speeds and a hefty 500MB daily data allotment, it’s ideal for keeping your online identity hidden and win chicken dinners securely.

This VPN has 256-bit encryption, DNS leak prevention, and a kill switch that is activated by default. Not only that but there is also automatic Wi-Fi protection and the option to allow specific apps to bypass the VPN.

Hotspot Shield’s network spans over 80 countries, however, they are only available to paid customers. If you wish to use the VPN for free, you have the choice to connect to the service’s default US server.

The VPN service’s advertising and logging are causing some worry. Hotspot Shield is frequently reported inserting adverts into your browsing in order to subsidize free users. However, we didn’t observe any change in our testing.

Hotspot Shield VPN is rated to be an excellent free VPN service, because of its high-security features and lightning-fast internet connection speeds.


  • Wide network of server locations
  • Domain-split tunneling
  • Massive service bundle


  • Android version targeted by ads
  • Costly
  • It collects considerable, yet anonymous, data.

3. Windscribe VPN


windscribe vpn pubg

With Windscribe’s finest free VPN service, you’ll get 10GB of monthly data. Which is more than enough for a PUBG player to smash countless enemy heads.

By tweeting about the company, you may add 5GB of data to your account.

Windscribe’s network covers about 60 countries, but as a free user, you’ll only have access to 10 of them. It’s appreciable that you may choose from a variety of servers, including those in North America, Europe, Hong Kong, and Turkey.

As a free VPN, Windscribe is quite secure. Besides military-grade encryption, the service includes an ad and malware blocker too.

During peak times, speeds on Windscribe’s free servers can be slow. It may limit you in terms of when you can play without experiencing annoying lag.

Windscribe, overall, is a strong free VPN service that is both easy and effective. It’s definitely worth considering.


  • Zero leaks and virus-free
  • Features with Strong Privacy and Encryption
  • Torrenting is allowed
  • Covers multiple devices


  • Has a modest overall number of servers available
  • There is no live chat help, and the response time is poor
  • Average speed, not exceptional

4. Speedify VPN


SPEEDIFY vpn for low ping

Just as its name, Speedify offers a fast speed performance without compromising on your device’s security. Its reliable connections across over 1,000 servers in over 50 countries provide an excellent gaming experience without lag

Speedify distinguishes itself from other best free vpn for pubg by increasing speeds through the use of channel bonding technology. You may make use of a fully encrypted security system, while the software’s turbo-boosting technology ensures that speeds remain at their peak during your connection period.

Channel bonding, however, consumes more bandwidth than other best free VPN for Pubg Mobile

Speedify gives you 10GB of free data every month. That’d be great if you’ll be using it for a long period.


  • Ability to combine multiple internet connections
  • Enhances speed of the internet connection
  • Keeps the data secure


  • The server network is restricted
  • Disconnects automatically

5. TunnelBear VPN


best vpn for low ping in pubg

The free VPN by security giant McAfee provides both security and speed, with a simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-use app.

Signing up requires only an email address and does not require much personal information, which gives you trust in the VPN’s security. The VPN uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption.

However, TunnelBear is limited to 500MB per month, so after Playing PUBG Mobile few classic matches, you may be approaching your monthly limit.

But, if you want an audited and trustworthy best free VPN for Pubg Mobile, and you’re okay with the limitations, then TunnelBear VPN might be a wonderful choice.


  • Has its own DNS servers
  • Animated UI with vibrant colors
  • All major platforms are supported
  • Features kill switch


  • Limited data of 500MB per month
  • Unprotected traffic leaks
  • Limited abilities on iOS

6. VPN


Hideme vpn free is such a well, free VPN that provides excellent privacy, fast speeds, and top security. It outperforms expectations in most aspects and provides a user-friendly interface across all of its apps.

The privacy policy is unbreakable and provides proof that no important logs are kept, and it is a member of the i2Coalition, an organization committed to internet security. has over 1,900 servers across the world. But, only 5 of them are accessible in the free version. provides good speeds and ping for PUBG Mobile for both Android devices and ios devices. However, the ping increased to more than 200ms on more distant servers.’s free service is restricted to 10GB of data per month, 1 connection, and 5 servers. Despite that, this amazing VPN service is worth going for.


  • Excellent client service
  • Extremely strong security
  • Nearly all logs are zero.


  • Server infrastructure is limited.



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Our Choice for Best Paid VPNs for PUBG

  • ExpressVPN | The #1 choice that boasts 3,000 servers across 94 countries with lightning-fast speed and unbeatable security. You can try it out with its 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee.
  • NordVPN | Probably the most well-known VPN on the market. Nord VPN is completely worth it, with its sea of servers, rapidly fast download speeds, military-grade encryption, and exceptionally low costs.
  • CyberGhost VPN | super-fast connectivity with a myriad of secured servers and unlimited bandwidth. Providing 24 hours to test all of its premium features without restrictions.
  • SurfShark VPN | A world-class VPN at reasonable rates. SurfShark VPN offers fast performance, excellent privacy protections, and unblocking capabilities.
  • IPVanish VPN | The fast and secure service that provides a decent value with simultaneous connections and an impressive choice of servers at a fair price.
  • VyprVPN | VyprVPN optimizes each of its internet servers to enhance the speed and provide you a better experience to play PUBG without interruption.

Why You Should Use a VPN for PUBG?

Playing PUBG Mobile with a VPN by your side can be of enough benefit. If the game is banned in your country, or you’re trying to access it from school or work, then turning on a VPN is the best choice.

You might also want a VPN for Pubg Mobile while opening crates in PUBG Lite to get region-specific goods or to prevent malicious attacks by connecting to another server at a different location. A VPN also boosts your gaming experience by connecting you to a server of low ping.

All these things await you to activate a VPN. But, which VPN for Pubg Mobile should you opt for? That’s a decision you should after considering all the pros/cons and your use case scenario.


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Things to Consider When Choosing a VPN

When you activate a VPN to help you as you play, you actually trust that VPN app with all your online activity and your device’s security.

Therefore, there are various things to keep in mind before you make a choice.

A Premium VPN should be able to bypass restricted websites, allowing you to play PUBG Mobile whenever and wherever you choose.

It should feature a wide network of high-speed servers and provide dependable connections.

The VPN For Pubg Mobile should also be trustworthy enough to prevent personal information from being logged. Furthermore, it should have high-security features

You won’t be shocked in knowing that no free VPN can compete with the top VPN services you will need to pay for. And that’s why we have enlisted some top-rated paid VPNs too.

However, if you’re a casual user, then our extensively researched best free VPN for PUBG may be valuable tools to have. Let’s check them out!


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If you’ve been an old PUBG Lite/Mobile lover, and your country has imposed a ban on your favorite battle royale game, then there’s still hope to continue winning some chicken dinners. And that’s a VPN service.

A VPN service bypasses the geo-restrictions and makes all the blocked sites of your region accessible to you. Other than that, you can also use a VPN for Pubg Mobile to go anonymous and play safely without being exposed to DDoS attacks.

The best VPN services demand you to spend some cash. If you don’t want to splash out, then there are some best free VPNs for PUBG Lite you can try out. But, it is mandatory to go for a trustworthy VPN service that not only lets you play anonymously but also provides a fast and secure user experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I unblock PUBG with a VPN?

After downloading the VPN service, you might get confused if you’re using it for the first time. There are just a few steps before you continue to play and slay the opponents.

Follow the below steps to activate a VPN,

  1. First, most VPNs start by registering with an email address. So, make yourself an account.
  2. Choose a location of your choice and connect to its server.
  3. Finally, head towards the PUBG Lite/Mobile app. You should be able to play immediately with no problems.

Is a free VPN worth it?

Before downloading any free VPN, you need to be aware of the facts. For starters, they may have hidden charges, you may have advertising inserted into your browser or, worse, your data sold, or your device used as an access route for other users.

But you don’t need to worry. The free VPNs reviewed above have the best security features and can be trusted blindly. You can choose from the above-listed ones.

Are VPNs legal in PUBG Mobile?

Yes, VPN software is no less lawful than any other common software.

However, using it as a torrenting VPN to download copyrighted files is still illegal, as does access any other prohibited content.

Basically, while owning and using a free VPN is entirely legal, it does not make illegal actions legitimate just because it makes the crime difficult to track.

Will the VPN impact my internet speed?

Yes, a VPN will always somewhat reduce your internet speed, since it adds a number of stages that were not previously there in your connection. Specifically, the encryption procedure and the connection to a distant server.

Premium VPNs, on the other hand, are designed to reduce the impact of latency to the point that it is hardly detectable. In addition, a VPN might boost your internet speed.

Is there a 100% free VPN?

It all depends on what you consider being “free.” There are several free VPNs that do not need you to pay anything, but you may be paying for them by seeing advertisements or even unintentionally providing them with your data to sell.

The best free VPN services are often ‘free versions,’ which are designed to offer you a taste of a premium product before asking you to fork over your money. The top services, such as ProtonVPN and Windscribe, achieve this by creating an incentive to upgrade by imposing bandwidth limitations and server restrictions. Many individuals do, which covers the company’s entire expenses.

We would avoid any free VPN that does not provide a premium version. Who knows where the firm gets its money if there isn’t a paying client base supporting the development of the software?

Which VPN is Best for PUBG Crate Opening?

After extensive research, we have found that Nord VPN is the best choice for players looking for access to exclusive loot crates. Players can enjoy secure online gaming with no lag or latency issues by connecting through their VPN service provider of choice. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with your purchase!

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