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BGMI NAME GENERATOR v1 – Online Tool ✏

BGMI Name Generator helps Battleground Mobile India players generate stylish symbol names. PUBG Mobile’s Indian fans have been biting bullets, since a ban was imposed on their favorite battle royale game in September 2020. However, after a long waiting period, they finally have their own ‘Indian’ version of the game named ‘Battleground Mobile India’.

How to Use BGMI Stylish Name Generator?

Using BGMI name generator is quite simple. The tool’s design is convenient and easy. There are only a few steps that are distancing you from your stylish username. We have two different versions of the BGMI name generator.

BGMI Name Generator V1

The BGMI name generator version 1 is the best choice when you want your username to be quickly generated with random symbols. To use this, all you need is a simple name to be stylized. Follow the below steps to use the Battleground Mobile India Name Generator v1:

  1. Enter the name that’s on your mind in the “Enter your name here” field.
  2. Click the generate button.
    If you like the generated name, click Copy to use it. Otherwise, generate another one, since it’s totally free!

BGMI Name Generator v1


#1 。4E͜͡乄イのM。

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BGMI Name Generator V2

If you don’t want random, stylish symbols, you can always opt for the BGMI name generator version 2. The generator allows you to choose the stylish symbols you want to add to your name manually, from a large variety of different stylish symbols. Follow the below steps to use the Battleground Mobile India Name Generator v2:

  1. Enter the name that’s on your mind in the “Name” field.
  2. From the table of stylish symbols, pick a symbol to add with your name.
  3. Click left and right drop to add a prefix and suffix symbol.
  4. Now, click on generate button, and you’ll see your name in a different stylish at the bottom of the generator.
  5. Finally, click on the copy icon beside the name you like, if you wish to use it.


with Symbol Keyboard

Left Name Right
Click to enter symbols
Example:- M͜͡r๛INZY
Scroll to see more symbols!


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How to Change Name in BGMI

Now that you have a stylish name to show off, all that is left is setting it up. Just like PUBG Mobile, you can change your name whenever you want. You may need a “Rename card” to do this. If you already have a rename card in your inventory, follow the steps below to finish setting up your new stylish name and jump on the battleground.

  1. Open the BGMI app.
  2. Tap on the “Inventory” in the bottom right menu of the screen.
  3. Tap the “crate” icon at the bottom of the right-hand menu.
  4. Look for the rename card, tap it, and then tap USE.
  5. Now, paste or enter your new name and tap OK.

Why Stylish Names are Preferred?

Every player wishes to make their character look attractive. Whether it’s the character’s outfit, weapons, vehicles, gun skins, accessories, everything should be on point to have an impressive appearance. But, another that matters is your in-game username.

Suppose your username is DarkDanger. You just shot an enemy, and your username is being displayed on the right side of the game screen. Isn’t it so simple? Why not try adding some stylish symbols that will make it unique, cool, and terrifying.

This is what the BGMI font generator is designed for. The tool will make your existing username look more attractive by adding stylish symbols to it. So, let’s check it out!


Battlegrounds Mobile India has been announced on the 17th of June. But, the game is only available for beta testing at the moment. If you have signed up for the beta testing program in the Google Play Store, you can access the game. If you haven’t, no worries! You can download it using the APK and OBB files. Just make sure your device has enough storage space available.

Before you get your hands on the game, let me ask you a question. You seem to be excited, but, have you decided on your character’s in-game username yet? If you have, does your username look appealing enough to attract enemies, so you bash them?

PUBG Mobile has a separate fan base. But, the Indian fans have a special love for the game. A massive number of Indian players had to hear bad news when the game was banned by the Indian government in September 2020.

Uninstalling a game that you love the most is a hard thing to do, right? Indian fans had to go through it. Some of them played the game even after its ban using different VPNs. However, the fun wasn’t the same as before when they played freely.

The PUBG developing team started the efforts to convince the government to revoke the ban. But the government didn’t seem to be interested. How could they leave their Indian fans easily? Therefore, the developers didn’t disappoint the Indian fans and came up with a new specific version for India.

battleground mobile india name generator

The new version is named “Battleground Mobile India”. Which is available for testing only. Players can access early as testers for the game. They will be notified once the original version releases.

Indian fans are so excited to check the game out. But before they start, as always, we have come to help with a tool to let them get a stylish, cool, and attractive name before they enter the lobby. The BGMI font generator is simple and easy to use. You need to enter a name and the generator will stylize it enough to suit your character’s dashing look. So doing no late, try it out yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BGMI?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is an Indian version of the PUBG Mobile. The game was announced after the Indian government imposed a ban on PUBG Mobile. At first, PUBG Corp. worked hard to bring back the PUBG Mobile in the Indian Market. But, since the government denied uplifting the ban, the developing team decided to make and release an Indian version of the game.

The game was expected to launch in the New Year 2021. Because of some reasons, it got delayed. Finally, after six months from the expected date, Krafton Game Union surprised fans on June 17, 2020, as they announced BGMI.

How can I download Battleground Mobile India?

Battleground Mobile India is still in the testing phase and can be accessed as a tester. Other than that, you can also access it by downloading APK and OBB files. Reportedly, the file size of APK and OBB files are 72 MB and 637 MB. The game files are now available on the internet. Make sure your device has enough storage space before you opt to download the game.
If you can be patient, you can also register yourself for the original release. You’ll be notified once the original version releases.

Is BGMI same as PUBG Mobile?

As some beta testers have begun to share BGMI gameplay videos on content-sharing platforms such as YouTube, LOCO, and others. The game’s elements are similar to those found in the global edition of PUBG Mobile.

Why is PUBG Mobile banned in India?

The ban was imposed because of the then-going tension between India and China. The Indian government banned 118 mobile applications, including PUBG Mobile. China was allegedly linked to these mobile applications. These apps were, however, restricted in order to put more pressure on Chinese technology firms.

Chinese-linked apps have been described as a threat to India’s sovereignty, integrity, and defense. According to sources, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has received many allegations of mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms being used to steal and transmit data to foreign servers. Section 69A of the Information Technology Act of 2000 was used to impose the restriction on these apps.

I don’t have a Rename card, where can I get one?

If you don’t see a rename card in your inventory, then you may need to buy a new one. Note that every account has a free rename card in the beginning. But, if you have already used it then here are a few ways to get your hands on the rename card.

Rename cards are always available in the in-game store of the game. You can gain the item for 180 UC. That’s pretty costly, right? UC can be purchased using actual money. 180 UC is about $5. However, you can also earn UC by completing missions and challenges or as you progress through the Royale Pass.

The second option is to complete Progress Missions, specifically level 10. Level 10 Progress Missions grant you one free Rename card simply for completing the mission.

Return Rewards is another way to get one of these Rename Cards. Assume you haven’t played in 10-15 days. When you reopen the game, you will be given various missions to do for returning. Completing these tasks isn’t too difficult. A Rename Card will be given to you if you achieve 400 activity points.

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