PUBG Mobile With Mouse and Keyboard

How to Play PUBG Mobile With Mouse and Keyboard

Battle Royale games have been the most loved and downloaded games for some years now. Among them, undoubtedly, PUBG mobile has the biggest fanbase. The fans are just obsessed with the game’s concept and gaming experience the PUBG Corporation has been providing them. The timely updates are truly attractive for the gamer community.

With hosting the world’s biggest gaming tournaments, PUBG requires good gaming strategies to knock down your enemies in no time. People may enjoy playing the game on their smartphones, but let’s just admit that PUBG becomes way more easy and more fun with a mouse and keyboard.

You don’t have a PC or maybe not good enough to play the game? That’s okay! You can still play it using a mouse and keyboard on your smartphone, this may sound new to you but I’m not kidding. Now the question is, HOW? Well, that’s not a big deal. This article will guide you to set up the game with a mouse and keyboard and experience PC gaming on your smartphone.

Play PUBG Mobile With Mouse and Keyboard

Setting Up

Playing PUBG mobile with a mouse and keyboard is a completely different experience. You can easily aim and slay the enemies coming your way, with the mouse. Other than that, the keyboard makes navigation really simple. To set up both of these things, you don’t need to burn the candles at both ends.

For this, your smartphone should support the USB OTG feature. USB OTG feature allows you to connect a USB cable or USB flash drive to a Micro USB or USB C-type charging port. To use this feature you’ll need an OTG cable that doesn’t come with your smartphone. Since basic OTG cable has one USB port, this won’t work in the case of both keyboard and mouse. Instead, you will need to buy a USB OTG hub with more USB ports so you can use both at the same time.

PUBG Mobile With Mouse and Keyboard

As you connect the keyboard and mouse, your device will automatically detect them. You’ll see a cursor floating on your mobile phone screen. Now, before you start playing, you will need to map the keys in the game. To do that, download “Octopus,” a free key mapper app for the gamepad, mouse, and keyboard. This will help you map the keys, the way you want.

After installing the Octopus app, launch PUBG mobile from the app. That’s it, you’re good to go. Start playing and show your enemies who’s the real boss in the lobby.


Before you start playing, keep in mind that using a keyboard and mouse with smartphones isn’t something acceptable to the PUBG developing team. They’ve been monitoring and banning users’ accounts for using external devices. We suggest you if you want to experience PC gaming on your smartphone, play as a guest. So you can play without worries.


PUBG mobile is one of the most downloaded games with 100+ million downloads on the play store. The game is dominating every age group’s mind in these times. Since PUBG is available for all of the gaming platforms video game consoles, PC, and mobile phones, the playing experience is different on each of these.  However, if you’re a mobile player and you want to enjoy a PC gaming experience on your smartphone, this article is definitely for you. By following the guide above you can set up a mouse and keyboard with your smartphone and play PUBG mobile the same just as a PC gamer.

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