PUBG Mobile Facebook Login Problem

How to Solve PUBG Mobile Facebook Login Problem

PUBG Mobile has been immensely popular for some time now. The battle royale game has a huge fan-base craving for a better user experience, so they can smoothly put down some enemies. With time-to-time updates rolling out, the game’s user experience is getter better.

Unfortunately, even after the PUBG Mobile developers team efforts, you may encounter some issues with the game. These issues include you being unable to login into the game. PUBG has three different options for you to log in. You can log in to the game using your Facebook, Twitter, and Email accounts or you can also play as a guest.

Players have encountered more problems when logging in using their Facebook account. If you’re one of them and looking for a solution to this, then you’re on the right track! This article will guide you to solve this annoying issue. So let’s look into it.

What Causes the Facebook Login Problem?

Before we look at the solutions, it would be better to know the causes. After the New Era 1.0 update, a major bug appeared that made players unable to login to PUBG mobile using the Facebook login option. However, the bug was fixed as soon as the team noticed it. So it might be a bug messing with you. It’s always better to check out on your friends if they’re facing the same issue. You may experience this issue even when it’s not a bug.

The problem arises in the following cases,

  • Your network connection is weak
  • The game isn’t available in your region
  • Your Facebook account is disabled

Doing no further late, let’s find out the solutions so you can get back in action!

PUBG Mobile Facebook Login Problem

Solutions for the Facebook Login Problem

1.    Try Switching Your Internet Connection

One of the biggest reasons that you cannot log in to the game using your Facebook account might be your internet connection. There is a possibility that because of poor internet, you’re unable to reach the Facebook servers.

Here, it is better to change the internet connection and switch between your Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. After switching the network, restart the game and see if it works. This might work for you, but if it doesn’t, then try the next solution.

2.    Enable a VPN connection

This is a known fact that PUBG Mobile is one of the most downloaded games on the Play Store right now. But PUBG has been under consideration by government authorities of various countries. This is because the game is highly addictive. You might find it surprising, as only a few people know that the game is banned in nearly 10 countries.

The game might’ve been banned in your region, too. Even if it’s not working in your region, don’t worry VPNs are at your service. Just download any top-rated VPN from the Play Store and activate it. It’ll surely work out for you.

3.    Check if Your Facebook Account is Working

If you’re still unable to reach your Facebook account through the game, check if it’s even working. Your Facebook account might’ve been disabled as a result of violating Facebook’s terms.

Try contacting the Facebook team to restore your account so you can continue playing. As soon as your account is recovered, link your account with Twitter or your Email. This way, you will play the game even if you lose your Facebook account.


PUBG Mobile is a fun battle royale game that, since its release, has attracted a massive number of players. This is because of the game’s simple, fun concept and pleasant user experience. You may face problems as you continue to play and enhance your playing strategies. Unable to log in to the game using a Facebook account is one of these problems. This article has solutions for you to fix the issue and continue being dominant in the lobby!

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